It was a warm night in June 1990, and here I was, in southern Poland, on a reporting assignment for CBC Radio …

It had been a very long day. I was dead tired, mainly because the interviews had been stressful. We’re talking big-time crap here. I had also lugged a heavy equipment bag over Hell’s half-acre. To cap things off, I wasted too much time filing voice reports on archaic phone lines that crashed whenever the volume was adjusted. Arggh x 10.

As a result, I just couldn’t fall asleep. I tossed and turned, unable to turn off that hard drive on my shoulders.

Read on, and you’ll see why I was a little ‘messed up’ …


And where was I, you ask? I was in a clean, well-furnished hostel in a sleepy town called Oswiecim. Does the name ring a bell? Didn’t think so.

Oswiecim is home to the worst of the Nazi death camps where, during World War Two, more than one million women, men and children — mostly Jews — were murdered. Oswiecim is better known by its German name: AUSCHWITZ.

The hostel — built by volunteers from Germany after the war ended — was located right in the camp. Deeply ashamed of the crimes their government had committed, a group of non-Nazis wanted visitors to the former concentration camp — now a State Museum — to have a clean and inexpensive place to stay. The idea was for them to be ‘on location’ where they could see for themselves the unspeakable things that went on there.

Planet Earth has witnessed a number of genocides over the years but Adolf Hitler’s ‘final solution’ was one of the worst … and one of the most cunning. The Holocaust, as it became known, was a massive Euthanasia program — AND a depopulation scam.

Two key words: depopulation and scam.

Millions of trusting souls bought into the lie they were in good hands and being ‘resettled,’ and so off they went to the train station with suitcases jam-packed with clothing, dishes, cutlery, children’s toys, jewellery … and the most precious of keepsakes: family photos.

Had these folk known they were actually part of a eugenics program, they certainly would’ve resisted — perhaps even fought the soldiers that came knocking. I mean, what did they have to lose? Unfortunately, they didn’t put up a fight because they had too much faith in their fellow human beings. After all, who in their right mind would murder innocent people? Also, weren’t these people protected by a ‘Bill of Rights’ or a Constitution?

Moot point. The Nazis — like other dictatorships — didn’t give a rat’s ass about a Constitution or a Bill of Rights. The bureaucrats in Berlin never even bothered to look for loopholes. Their thinking was, this is what we’re doing and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Put another way, f**k you.

The resettlement scheme was an unbelievably huge con job by the Third Reich — and, gotta give the German dictatorship credit, it worked extremely well. Freedoms? Civil rights? Legal rights? Never heard of them. Okay, how about transparency? Accountability? Get lost.

In spite of heavy censorship, the need to not ‘step out of line’, etc, the word still managed to get out, thanks in part to conspiracy theorists who warned that a painful death was in store for those who boarded the trains.

The sky is the limit when it comes to people’s fears and their wildest imaginations.

While millions of Jewish people had supposedly been resettled, relatives and friends back home received no phone calls, letters or postcards from them. That’s when everyone knew in their hearts that something terrible was happening. They just didn’t know what.

In time, the truth would be revealed.


I was at Auschwitz to cover the 50th anniversary of the opening of the camp. I arrived with Sigmund Sobolewski who, as a 17-year-old Roman Catholic, was on the wrong side of the barbed wire fence when the prison opened its gates on a sunny Friday morning, June 14, 1940 [nine years before I was born].

I recorded so many interviews with Sigmund. Man! The gentleman was full of Auschwitz stories, most of them God-awful.

He shared that Auschwitz “didn’t seem all that bad” when he and 800 other civilians stepped off a passenger train from Krakow. Read that again. They were all political prisoners, yes … but they were still fed, plus they had a roof over their heads — and fresh air! Sigmund, a Polish Naval Cadet, spent many hours outdoors doing what he loved: playing soccer.

That feel-good feeling changed the day Sigmund witnessed a guard physically assaulting an argumentative Jewish prisoner, an older man. The attack ended when the guard repeatedly rammed the man’s head against a large metal plate at the end of a train carriage. His skull broke open, splattering brain matter and blood everywhere.

The kid had never seen anything so cruel, so savage. He thought to himself, “This is serious …” He got that right.

[Above photo: Sigmund Sobolewski as a young prisoner at Auschwitz. Image courtesy of the Auschwitz State Museum]

Incredibly, ‘Prisoner 88’ survived the war at Auschwitz. Thanks to Russian troops, Sigmund and hundreds of other prisoners — many terribly malnourished — were liberated. It should come as no surprise that Sigmund named his first son Vladimir.

The Auschwitz survivor eventually emigrated to Canada, settling down in Fort Assiniboine, a small town northwest of Edmonton, Alberta.

Prisoner 88 and I often talked on the phone, and that’s how I got to know him. Sigmund could not stop going on about Auschwitz. It was as though he was possessed, and I guess he was.

I once met his Cuban-born wife, Ramona, who shared that her husband couldn’t turn off Auschwitz. “Sigmund has papers on Auschwitz everywhere in the house,” she lamented, “… and he can’t stop talking about it. It never ends.” Given what her husband had been though, my Doctor Phil response was that the man would remain a prisoner of Auschwitz until he died.

For Sigmund Sobolewski, there was no magical ‘delete button.’ The Auschwitz demons were trapped in his head and they weren’t getting out.

In this post, I’ll share a few of my memories of the time #88 and I spent at the death camp — more than three decades ago … and why those memories are now returning.

Buckle up. This is quite the ride …


“The old world is dying and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters.” [Hans Fallada from his 1930’s novel, Little Man, What Now?]

It would be difficult to list all the crap that went down at Auschwitz but for the purpose of this article, I’ll mention two incidents that stood out for me:

  • Every prisoner at Auschwitz was on Death Row … but most didn’t know it, at least not in the beginning. Soon after the citizen prisoners stepped off a cattle train and stood nervously at the main platform, they were herded into a room with tall concrete walls, no windows — and no ventilation. They had NO idea they were about to be murdered. Some even proudly saluted the German guards as they marched into the gas chambers. Imagine that. That’s how well they’d been manipulated. Once inside, the victims were ordered to remove their clothes [“You’re going to have a shower …”] … and the door was locked shut. Then came the Zyklon B [Cyclone B] gas, a deadly cyanide-based pesticide, followed by sheer panic and screaming. The victims had no way out. They were trapped and they soon realized they were going to die. Just like that. They had committed no crime; in fact, had been totally compliant — and here they were, taking their last breaths with some faceless people gassing them. Sobolewski recalls the loud banging on the door. “Open the door!” they pleaded, “let us out!!” That didn’t happen. The guards, too, were compliant. They were following orders and had a job to do. The victims went from screaming to gasping and, finally, moaning. Then all was quiet. Another shipment had arrived at the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter sure logged a lot of overtime in the 1940s.

The Author in gas chamber #1. I was alone; had placed a 35 mm Nikon camera on the floor and set the timer. The heavily-scratched walls bore silent testimony to the final minutes of truly desperate people.

  • A young mother had arrived at Auschwitz as part of a shipment of Jews. Holding a small baby in her arms, she stood on the platform where the ‘selection’ would be made. It was the job of an SS officer — his courage often bolstered with a shot of rum — to decide who’d be kept as forced labour for a short while and who would be killed immediately. The officer noticed the woman crying hysterically, so he walked up to her. “We’re not being resettled like we were told!” she blurted, “we’re all going to DIE!” … then pointing to a tall, brick chimney off in the distance, said, “that’s where our bodies will be burned!” The gig was up. “Who told you that?” demanded the officer. The woman refused to say.

The soldier cocked his revolver and pointed it at the baby’s head. Under duress, the woman revealed she had spoken with one of the warehouse prisoner-workers, a female. The worker had strolled over to a tall fence during a break, got talking to the mother … and shared with her the ‘Big Secret.’ At that point, staff from the warehouse were assembled alongside the fence. The mother then identified the informant. Mother and child perished shortly after … but what happened to the ‘whistleblower?’ She was marched straight to the crematorium, along with her co-workers, who looked on, stunned, as her feet and hands were bound and she was tossed alive into a red-hot furnace. I just can’t imagine dying like that, even watching it. It was a terrible price to pay for not going along with the official narrative.

So much for going against the official narrative.

By and large, mainstream media in the 1930s and 1940s ‘played the game.’ We’re basically talking newspapers here because radio had just arrived. There was no Internet back then, of course. Social media consisted of whisper campaigns and rumours, some true, some not. Let’s just say that according to ‘unconfirmed reports,’ there was some nasty shit going down in those German detention centers.

It was the ‘great unknown.’ That in itself caused more tension and fear.

Not everyone believed they would be resettled and that everything would be fine. That’s why they tried to escape to countries such as Britain and the United States — but even then, many Jews were turned away. That’s right. They ended up in a death camp. How some countries turned their backs on these desperate people speaks of complicity [and considerable spite] — but that’s a story for another day.

I could go on with stories of torture, plus deadly medical experiments on prisoners [including children] at Auschwitz by Doctor Josef Mengele … but you get the point. More on Dr. Mengele coming up.

The camp was the epicentre of one of the worst crimes of the century — genocide. In 1946, the United Nations declared genocide to be a crime under International Law.

Keep in mind the Nazis operated hundreds of death camps and sub-camps. Auschwitz was the biggest and baddest.

Sigmund, in an almost apologetic tone, [“please forgive my language”] once shared that Auschwitz was the “rectum of the world.” No shit,


There are often strange nuggets buried in news stories, no matter how gruesome the subject. Auschwitz was no different.

The guards at Auschwitz knew where to go for ‘shady’ entertainment — and forgiveness. The death camp had both a brothel and a Roman Catholic Church. I’m not sure where the priests came from, but I know where they got their prostitutes.

What a sick world this can be.

The oddest thing happened during a chance  interview with an elderly Polish woman Sigmund and I met on the train ride from Krakow to Oswiecim. Turns out, as a teenager during the war, she had a factory job in one of the sub camps. Taking advantage of the ultra-cheap labour, Siemens, I.G. Farben and the Vacuum Oil Company all had factories at Auschwitz. For some reason, we never see that mentioned in TV commercials.

Oh. And IBM had a presence in the Nazi concentration camps as well. You read right. Respected International Business Machines.

I asked the lady if she knew what was happening at the main camp at Auschwitz. She nodded ‘yes.’ “How’s that?” I asked. “The trains always arrived full,” she explained, “but left empty.” She went on: “The stench of the burning bodies was often too much. We used to say, ‘They’re burning more Jews today.'”

Just out of the gas chambers at Auschwitz: A rare photograph taken secretly by a [Sonderkommando] prisoner in 1944.

I asked if she had taken a stand against the mass killings, knowing of course what her response would be. I was in for a surprise. The woman revealed she didn’t question what the Germans were up to because … [are you sitting down?] she feared she’d lose her job.

Does that ring a bell?


In 1945-46, the Allied forces held war crime trials in the German city of Nuremberg. Former Nazi leaders were indicted and tried as war criminals. Many were found guilty and hanged. Some took their own lives.

An aside here, how many Allied military leaders were tried as war criminals? And how about prominent Americans who contributed greatly to the Nazi war effort? There’s Henry Ford, awarded Germany’s highest medal by Adolf Hitler in 1938; IBM with its early computers which helped process Holocaust victims; General Motors for its vehicles … and Mr. Rockefeller whose company helped produce the poisonous gas. These pricks were all guilty of being an accessory to genocide — but nothing happened to them.

Hitler could not have achieved what he did without a little help from his friends.

A number of Nazi leaders were put to death, but so too were journalists who thought that being a yes-man was the way to go. It was the absolute wrong time to be an ass-kisser. Instead of being a window on the world, they became window dressing.

Oh. Some Nazis — top scientists, for example — escaped prosecution. A number of them resettled in the United States — with the blessing of their new employer, the US Government. Google ‘Project Paperclip’ for more on this.

On a personal note, I’ve often wondered what *I* would have done had I been reporting back then. Would it have been a case of ‘to get along, go along’ … or would I have been a real reporter? A good hypothetical question, for sure. Given the times we’re now in, I sense that I may find out.

As bleak as situations can be, I’m always grateful when reporters and editors don’t sell out.

One final comment about German reporters during the Hitler era. They weren’t stupid. They didn’t have to be told to drop to their knees. They knew the score and they shut up. Thank goodness reporters aren’t like that today. [Pardon the sarcasm.]


An offshoot of the war tribunal was the Nuremberg Code which, at least on paper, would eliminate human experiments, medical atrocities … and the use of people as guinea pigs.

The Code also stressed the need for informed consent and properly formulated scientific experimentation.

The Nuremberg Code has ten points with the #1 point condensed here: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential — without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress and overreaching.” Read that again.

The world can largely thank a young, ambitious German doctor for the Nuremberg Code. Josef Mengele experimented on prisoners at Auschwitz by injecting them. Some youngsters went from being children in a family unit to orphans … then, to guinea pigs … and, finally, a corpse. All in a matter of weeks. Child sacrifice.

Doctor Mengele was often seen on the main platform where civilian prisoners milled about during the ‘selection’ process. The SS officer could be heard shouting, “Zwillinge heraustreten!” [“Twins step forward.”]

As a trained physician, the Bavarian native knew better but after he became SS Captain Mengele [SS #317,885], he also knew where his bread was buttered. For some reason, the doctor bought into the ‘final solution.’

Josef doesn’t look like a mean guy, does he? In spite of acts of bravery while fighting on the Russian front, the man will go down in history as the ‘Doctor of Death.’

With the help of his SS buds, Doctor Mengele quietly snuck out of Germany in 1949. He moved to South America, first living in Argentina, then in Paraguay … and, finally, Brazil. In February 1979, the doctor who was being hunted down by the West German government had a stroke and drowned while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean near Sao Paulo. At least that’s the official story.

Mengele had turned his back on the Hippocratic Oath, an historic Greek medical pledge to uphold specific ethical standards, “do no harm,” etc. Instead of serving mankind, Doctor Mengele served Adolf Hitler. Perhaps Mengele had mortgage payments, car payments and a family to support, don’t know. But he kept his mouth shut and, in the end, the man did much more than just ‘sell out.’

According to officials, Doctor Mengele was 67 when he died. He is buried in Embu Cemetery in Sao Paulo under a phoney name: Wolfgang Gerhard.

The Nuremberg Code failed to arrive in time to help those in Nazi concentration camps — but today the Code protects people around the world. At least that’s the theory. Beware of governments that want to ‘revise’ the Nuremberg Code. Really? Move over, Doctor Mengele, you’ve got company … time for more medical crimes.

Many people [Canadians included] have a Constitution to shield them from coerced or forced experimental injections. With the exception of dictators and morons, no sane or honest politician or judge would ever say their Constitution is a worthless piece of paper.

Judges who look the other way are not only telling their fellow citizens ‘f— you,’ they’re telling God the same thing. Good luck with that.

The Canadian Constitution, of course, is a sacred document that protects the core values of our society. However as one lawyer warns, it’s now looking more like toilet paper.

And a bell rings again …

Here’s something they didn’t teach us in school: both the American Medical Association [AMA] and the British Medical Association [BMA] were concerned that releasing information about Nazi medical atrocities would undermine public confidence in medical research. Let that sink in. You would think they’d be happy that doctors hurting their good name would be exposed. But not these clowns.

It’s worth noting that senior officials of the pharmaceutical companies that set up shop in places like Auschwitz were also convicted of war crimes. However, these honchos received the lightest sentences of all, eating prison food for just a few months.

This tells me that even then, the pharmaceutical industry had great power and influence.


What the hell were the German people and their supporters thinking? Every single day, thousands of innocent people were murdered in the concentration camps … but few spoke up? What’s with that? Were the Germans okay with the mass murders? Were they all afraid of losing their jobs?

Or were they ‘shamed’ by not going along with the program?

And what’s this about Germany being “a land of God-fearing people?” More like devil-fearing. The Germans had bought into one monstrous lie … and the more bullshit they were served, the more they gave it a thumbs up.

It was as though their brains had been tricked. Could it be there was some sort of mass hypnosis, brainwashing happening?

The clinical term is mass formation psychosis.

I am reminded of an elderly woman I came across in the mid-1990s while on another reporting assignment, this time in Austria. During World War Two, she was a staunch supporter of the Nazis. The woman walked the talk, manning anti-aircraft guns that helped knock down Allied bombers on their way to neighbouring Germany.

When the war ended, her friends mentioned the Nazi death camps. The Big Secret was now a Big Dirty Secret. Her response: “I don’t believe it! The Germans would never do that …” News of the death camps contradicted everything she’d been told about the Nazis. This is called cognitive dissonance.

There you go. The Austrian lady didn’t want to believe it. She couldn’t handle the truth.

Is there denial of that magnitude happening today?

And what were journalists in Germany and Austria thinking in the day? There was censorship, I get that. Even so, how many reporters attempted to write fact-based stories critical of the Third Reich? Was every scribe a gutless stooge drawing a paycheque from taxpayers? Somehow, I don’t think it was as black-and-white as that …

Were the German people cowards, stunned, stupid, drunk … or were they brainwashed? To this day, I cannot figure it out.

In the times I’ve been to Germany, I found people to be honest, thoughtful, straight-forward, intelligent, fair-minded, methodical, hard-working, common sense — and thinking outside the box. Good people. Put another way, what I saw in the Hollywood movies sure isn’t what I experienced when I dealt with Germans, whether in their homeland or any other country.

The only plausible explanation I can think of is that during the war, the German people put too much faith in their leadership — and they failed to think for themselves. Germany became a nation of sheep.

I’m sure glad that doesn’t happen today. [Yes, that was more sarcasm.]

COVID-19 — Opposing Points of View

In all my years of reporting, can’t say I’ve ever come across an issue as complex, divisive and polarizing as COVID-19. My Lord. When it comes to solid information — as in indisputable facts — who and what does one believe?

There are often two sides to a story, if not 20. Here’s an abbreviated list of opposing viewpoints in the COVID-19 controversy:

  1. COVID-19 originated with live bats at a market place in Wuhan, China. /// COVID-19 is a bio weapon produced by a French-designed lab in Wuhan with the assistance of scientists from other countries — including the United States, Australia and Canada. We’re talking germ warfare.
  2. COVID can be treated with the help of ventilators. /// Ventilators do work [somewhat] — but they’re also harmful. Just ask relatives of the hundreds of frail seniors who died in New York State alone.
  3. Ordinary masks are helpful in preventing the spread of a virus. /// These masks are absolutely useless in preventing the spread of a virus. The masks are not about protection but a show of compliance.
  4. The virus has been isolated and identified. /// The virus has yet to be isolated because it’s essentially the same old virus, only more powerful.
  5. A rushed-to-market vaccine may help, even though it is experimental. /// It will only help in alleviating symptoms. They will not prevent someone from getting the virus, and they won’t stop someone from spreading it. In the long run, the injections will likely do more harm than good. All this talk of ‘flattening the curve’ was nonsense.
  6. A second injection will surely do the trick /// A second injection will further compromise one’s natural immune system
  7. Booster shots will definitely help. /// Booster shots will make matters even worse. Some virology specialists predict that most of those who take the injections and booster shots will be dead within four to five years. 
  8. On a Ted Talk appearance a number of years ago, software designer and billionaire Bill Gates warned that the population of our planet had to be reduced significantly — or else, we’re all in big trouble [fewer resources, pollution, less food, etc]. Gates further claimed that the way to reduce the population would be a vaccine. Some who support Bill Gates and the injections now say the video was a hoax … ‘video manipulation.’ /// The video was real. The computer whiz-kid has strong ties to Big Pharma and is one of the top power brokers in the world. These economic elites have far more power than the UN.
  9. Conspiracy theorists. /// Conspiracy realists.
  10. Governments can be trusted. /// Governments cannot be trusted.
  11. Pharmaceutical companies are trustworthy. /// Pharmaceutical corporations are criminal enterprises with fines in the last decade exceeding 35 BILLION dollars. 
  12. Lockdowns work. /// Lockdowns do not work. They do nothing to help destroy a virus, but will destroy economies, businesses — and millions of lives.
  13. Vaccines work. /// The COVID vaccines work — somewhat — but not nearly as well as natural immunity. And the vaccine doesn’t last very long. Look at the sky-rocketing cases of COVID in Israel — yet the country is virtually double-vaccinated.
  14. COVID Injections are safe and effective. /// The injections are anything but. If they were safe and effective, drug companies would not need immunity from prosecution. What it comes down to, is that the injections are a ‘roll of the dice.’ So far, tens of thousands in the US alone are dead following a COVID injection. Some doctors claim that 50,000 Americans have died after taking a COVID vaccine. Others say the figure is closer to 400,000. And according to an article in Zerohedge, an estimated 10,000 people in South Korea died after taking the experimental injections. Are these figures fabricated? Is anyone surprised doctors refer to the COVID vaccinations as ‘death shots’?
  15. The world’s mortality rate has increased greatly because of COVID. /// Nope. It remained the same and because it remained the same, there is no pandemic. Critics say the pandemic is actually a ‘plandemic.’
  16. Children will die from COVID. /// Children don’t die from COVID. There’s a 100 times more likelihood they’ll be killed by falling off a bicycle.
  17. Vaccine mandates are legal. /// Vaccine mandates are unlawful. The mandates make a mockery of Constitutions, which are supposed to be the supreme law.
  18. Proper trials of the vaccines have been done. /// False. Proper trials have NOT been done. Not enough time has passed. And no animals were tested, only humans.
  19. COVID vaccines are safe, just like the H1N1 vaccine was safe. /// The H1N1 vaccine was pulled off the market in 1976 after 32 deaths in the US. It was killing more people than the virus.
  20. Ivermectin is only a ‘horse de-wormer,’ and the US Food and Drug Administration was right to limit its use to human patients who were on their ‘last leg.’ /// Ivermectin is more than a horse de-wormer. It’s one of the safest and inexpensive drugs used to successfully treat millions of people affected by COVID. The wonder drug has not only saved hundreds of thousands of lives, it has also saved taxpayers a boatload of money. That’s because if people suffering from COVID are treated early with ivermectin, they’re usually not hospitalized. To say that ivermectin doesn’t work on humans is, well, horse shit.
  21. Clinical data on COVID vaccines released by the US government is honest and accurate. /// Clinical data was badly manipulated and falsified — and the bureaucrats in Washington were well aware of this.
  22. Bill Gates is an expert on the subject of vaccines and population reduction. /// Gates’s expertise is developing software for computers. He is neither a doctor nor a scientist — and certainly not an authority on vaccines. He’s a man with a lot of money and therefore some are interested in what he has to say. Any doctorate degrees Gates has are purely honorary.
  23. Hospitals are superb healthcare facilities for those with COVID /// As an experienced nurse put it during a US Senate hearing, hospitals have turned into ‘concentration camps’ where patients are given medicine that actually quickens their demise … and where patients, in their final days and hours, are forbidden to see their loved ones. 
  24. The vaccines are essentially harmless. /// Time will show that the vaccines are germ warfare. A sign carried by a protestor in Washington, DC on January 24, 2022, read: “Stop the Vaccine Holocaust.” These people fear what could be. If there’s anything to reports of ‘world depopulation,’ the number of murdered innocents will outnumber the Holocaust death toll many times over.

Wow! So many different points of view, and I’m just scratching the surface. It’s Information Chaos-plus.

Question: How’d you like to be a journalist trying to sift through all these issues … then reporting on them fairly and accurately? Good luck getting your story out [and keeping your job].

Better yet, how would you like to be working for a media company that’s subsidized with massive government handouts so that it can stay in business? Think you’d be around long if you were to release factual information that put drug companies, pharmaceutical regulatory agencies and governments in a bad light? The welfare cheques would dry up pretty fast.


To vaccinate OR not vaccinate — that’s a tough one — especially for those who are the sole breadwinner with a mortgage, car payment and a need to travel. Plus eat.

Despite a Constitution, some companies forced employees to take the jab [or be fired]. How’s that for a class act? This is despite evidence that most people in hospitals suffering from COVID have already been vaccinated.

Whatever happened to natural immunity? When did that stop working?

It’s difficult knowing who to believe and what to believe. If one gets information from the mainstream media, they tend to believe a particular version. But if one follows social media — especially sites that feature reputable doctors and scientists with no financial conflicts of interest — they get a whole different story.

The key is to get information from multiple sources — and do your own research. Be your own editor! The pay sucks, but at least you’re an independent, critical thinker.

It’s perfectly healthy for people living in a democracy to have different points of view. Where things get screwy is when citizens are ‘shamed’ for having an opinion that counters what politicians and drug companies tell us. That kind of bullying may have worked during the reign of the Third Reich, but not today.

In a recent television interview, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to the unvaccinated as “racists.” Ah, the old race card. Hang on. Isn’t Justin the same goof who painted his face BLACK? … then stuck a banana down his pants? Most folks think that’s “slightly racist.” What’s puzzling is that Canadians, knowing this, still voted for him.

More free advice: Support media outlets that are NOT propped up by taxpayers. No media company is perfect, but — duh — it goes without saying that one can put more trust in news organizations that aren’t on the take. Keep in mind that government funding didn’t work for the credibility of Pravda.

For that very same reason, I never accept financial advice from long-term welfare recipients. Credibility is important.


But won’t.

Mark Crispin Miller, professor of Media Studies at New York University, put it this way: “The story of Doctor [Anthony] Fauci’s rise and reign is really all about the absolute corruption of our major institutions — government, medicine, academia, and the press — by Big Pharma [and the Gates Foundation].

Talk to Professor Miller, fellow reporters … a great story awaits. But before you make the call, make sure you have balls.

If the mainstream media was on the level, it would look at the following issues FAIRLY and HONESTLY without a bias or censorship:

♦  The death rate in the United States following COVID injections continues to climb. According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS], a government-funded agency, tens of thousands of people have now perished after taking the experimental COVID injections. How is that not a news story?

The official number of VAERS-reported deaths, everyone agrees, is greatly underestimated. Now, that’s an even bigger story!

The Center for Disease Control [CDC] acknowledges the actual death toll is likely four to five times what VAERS makes public. Even that number is way down, according to a whistleblower within the CDC. Why would a staff member put their reputation on the line [plus risk jail time] by signing an affidavit that was demonstrably false?

Other studies indicate to arrive at a more realistic number, the official VAERS number should be multiplied by 41.5. It gets worse. According to a Harvard study, the official VAERS count represents only one percent of the actual figure.

Take your pick.

A major study indicates that in the US alone, at least 150,000 deaths are now connected to the injections. Some say the figure is closer to one million. Read that again. Could that be true? That, ahem, might be a news item. It’s either time for a news story or time for censorship.

Eye-popping stories are also a great way to boost ratings, although producers should expect opposition from senior management and advertising sales staff whose clients include pharmaceutical companies. We’re talking ‘bottom line’ here. Perhaps it’s time for a meeting where news staff gather around to discuss how to cover this up.

Or perhaps it’s time to review the Code of Ethics posted in your newsroom. It’s your job to be honest. It’s not your job to ‘weigh the risks’ of telling the truth. That’s why God invented PR flaks.

I’m just kidding about the Code of Ethics being posted in newsrooms. I’ve yet to walk into a newsroom that had a code of ethics posted. In the early 2000s, the umbrella organization that overlooks radio and TV stations in Canada reported that only one newsroom in the entire country had ordered their Code of Ethics. One. Yet, some brothels proudly post a code of ethics [so I’m told]. Think about that, and you’ll soon realize why fewer and fewer people trust the mainstream media,

Injections, vaccinations … what’s the proper term? It’s now technically correct to call the injections/vaccines because dictionaries have recently changed their definition of the word. [I’m not making that up.] Talk about falling in line.

♦  Here’s an idea that’s sure to drive up TV ratings: when mentioning COVID death tolls, give a breakdown on those who died because of COVID, and those who died with COVID. There’s a world of difference … and so to avoid confusion, media outlets should spell it out.

Will the day ever come when ‘legacy’ TV networks begin newscasts with an injury and death toll update from VAERS? Don’t think so. That would be terrible public relations for both Big Pharma and the status quo, and that’s why it’ll never happen. You won’t even find the VAERS injury and death toll buried at the end of the cast.

As Justin Trudeau once boasted [I’m paraphrasing here], control revenue to media outlets and you control  content. His government has given hundreds of millions of dollars to prop up failing media companies. Suddenly, MSM reporters are not as quick to criticize the Prime Minister. Even Justin snickers when telling the story. No one can blame him.

Sadly, reporters have gone from being watchdogs to lapdogs.

None of this is new. In the 1930’s, a European leader was fully aware of the power of the media. His government subsidized the purchase of radios so that his Minister of Information, Joseph Goebbels, could get the word out.

Above: a 1936 poster promoting the use of the Volksempfanger [People’s Radio]. The text reads, “All of Germany hears the Fuhrer with the People’s Receiver.” Many  broadcasts demonized Jews as the spreaders of disease. Hmmm. Boy, does that sound familiar.

Courtesy of The Defender

By 1941, two-thirds of German households had a radio. German citizens were seriously ‘de-platformed’ if they got caught listening to a foreign broadcast. The Nazi’s just couldn’t tolerate different points of view. The heavy-handedness was a tacit admission the Fuhrer was wrong.

Once again, we see the importance of free, independent media. Here’s yet another reminder: Be aware of who controls the medium and dominates the messages.

♦  Pay attention to statistics that show children are now dying from HEART ATTACKS after taking the COVID vaccine. Keep in mind the natural immune system of a young person works wonders in keeping COVID at bay [99.99 percent effective]. Given the odds, why the hell would anyone want to inject a child with an experimental drug?

♦ Has the practice of medicine been corrupted? That’s a tough, awkward question but it’s one that must be asked. Let’s follow the money. Are governments allocating additional funds to hospitals that report COVID cases, real or otherwise? Are these perverse initiatives? And are pharmaceutical giants funding the agencies that oversee them? Are cheaper, more effective medicines being ignored in favour of far more expensive drugs? All tough questions.

♦  How legitimate are tests that show someone has tested positive for COVID? There have been so many ‘false positives’ [meaning the result was BS]. You know the system needs tweaking when a goat and a papaya test positive for COVID. If only they had the same testing methods when checking lottery tickets, I’d be a millionaire.

♦  Whistleblowers with the US Armed Forces report alarming increases in miscarriages, cancer and neurological conditions since the vaccines were rolled out — and that 71 percent of their COVID cases are people who are fully vaccinated. They also say that the stats provided by their superiors are “doctored data” [falsified]. Where does the corruption end?

Has life become one huge sham of smoke and mirrors?

♦  Let’s see an explanation for the mysterious near-disappearance of the common seasonal flu. What happened to that? And just like that, no one is dying from the flu anymore. That’s another story.

♦  The mainstream media might want to interview Edmonton doctors Roger Hodkinson and Dennis Modry. Ask these respected physicians [remember, Hodkinson was named Edmonton’s Citizen of the Year] for their thoughts on the virus and the ‘vaccinations.’ Get ready to be floored. Hodkinson is an expert in virology and Modry is a grade-A heart surgeon.

And please, please … no more loaded language in your news reports. Cut that out. If you want to belittle anyone with an opinion that differs from the official narrative, don’t malign them with labels such as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ Instead, bring forth facts — solid information — that counters what they’re saying. That’s basic, junior high journalism.

Please stop covering for the medical establishment. That’s not your job. And if you think it is, you’re in the wrong business. There’s a government communications job waiting for you.

♦  Why is software developer Bill Gates interviewed about vaccines? Is the man really an authority on vaccines … or is it because he’s wealthy, famous and seen as a success figure? Or is it because Gates advocated the use of vaccines as a way to cut our population in half? Please explain to your audience why Bill Gates qualifies as an expert.

♦  Do a story on the blatant censorship of reputable doctors and scientists who’ve spoken out against the injections and the mandates, including lockdowns and masking. These men and women are now in Twitter Heaven — all because they questioned political leaders and Big Pharma. Like, what? They have impeccable credentials, experience and facts — plus they challenge their skeptics to prove them wrong. There’s another story to pursue.

Their reward is to be censored without discussion, debate … or any kind of recourse. Some have also had their licence to practice medicine revoked, also known as an ‘economic execution.’

Does that ring a bell?

♦  Re-interview the now-famous US doctor who claimed, ten years ago or so, that masks were useless in stopping the spread of a virus. Who was this medical expert? Anthony Fauci.

♦  How about interviewing lawyers representing those who sue managers that fire them for not taking the experimental injections. Great story.

Also targeted in lawsuits will be reporters and editors — for disseminating false information. That’s right. Journalists should keep in mind their fiduciary responsibility is to the public — not to advertisers, shareholders and governments that keep them afloat.

♦  Do stories on why so many nurses refuse to take the jab. What do these frontline healthcare workers know that we don’t know? Let them have their say without censorship or editorial comment.

♦  Interview Doctor Mark Trozzi of Ontario who refers to the pandemic as the so-called pandemic … and throws out this tough question: “What do you do when the government tells you to kill yourself?”

♦  Let your viewers know about two key declarations from medical professionals in Europe — The Great Barrington Declaration plus the Rome Declaration. The Great Barrington Declaration has the signatures of 60,000 medical practitioners and public health scientists who believe the harm caused by the lockdowns far outweighs any potential benefits. Signatures on The Rome Declaration [which has similar goals] number 12,000. The sheer numbers alone are mind-boggling. What are these signatories telling us? Another great news story that’s being censored.

♦  Interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about his best-selling book on Doctor Anthony Fauci. The book exposes the media darling to be a fraud who does far more to protect the pharmaceutical industry than American citizens. Kennedy backs up his claim with emails from Fauci. Let’s see those emails in your news stories.

Kennedy’s book is a best-seller for a reason, which is precisely why it’s being ignored by the mainstream media.

Kennedy documents how the Center for Disease Control and Big Pharma were well aware of the benefits of the drug ivermectin in combating COVID, but they suppressed the information. Imagine that. Profits over lives. And the bell rings again.

♦  Is it true that intracranial infection cases [pus on the brain] are up 60-fold since the vaccines were rolled out? In other words, are these COVID vaccines toxic? Wow! Now there’s another great story.

♦  Please eliminate in your stories loaded terminology such as “anti-vaxers.” That’s about as neutral as “anti-death shots.” People who do not want to take the jab are not anti-vaccine. They’re anti-experimental injections. They fear these unproven injections could maim or kill them like it’s already done to so many. They also object to being used as guinea pigs. So please remain neutral. It does wonders for credibility.

♦  By mid-2022, we should have a better idea of how insurance companies are coping with claims. The focus of the story: has there been an increase in disability or death claims since the vaccines were rolled out? As of late 2021, the insurance industry in Illinois reported a significant increase in claims by people or relatives of those who had taken the injections. As a result, insurance firms are now raising their rates. That’s a red flag. Why would Illinois be different than any other US state or Canadian province? Another great story!

♦  Give uncensored airtime to people such as Doctor Robert Malone, a prominent, leading virologist, immunologist and molecular biologist — the man who invented the mRNA technology [which the new injections are using] … heart specialists Peter A. McCullough and Dennis Modry. Or Kiev-born Doctor Vladimir Zelenko. Just so you’re warned, these professionals are not singing with the choir.

Another quote from Doctor Malone:“Informed consent is not given if the risks are hidden. Where there is a risk, there must be a choice.”

Who can argue with that?

More free advice: Beware of so-called ‘fact-checkers.’ Keep in mind that just like the mainstream media, they “have a job to do.” Be cautious of smoke-and-mirrors TV newscasts that shower viewers with misinformation.

♦  Are the COVID vaccines safe? At last count, 140 studies indicate they are not safe. There’s your lead story. A few more scoops like that and you won’t have to worry about going bankrupt.

♦  Finally, is fear and propaganda being used to maintain a state of anxiety and helplessness? Are we dealing with ‘fear porn’?

♦  Information obtained from death certificates in the UK over the past two years, show that practically ZERO young people have died purely from COVID. [We’re talking from infants right up to people who are 24 years of age]. Practically zero. Given this data, why are children being coerced to take the COVID ‘vaccine’? What are these shots really about? Time for an honest, investigative piece.

♦ A massive convoy of trucks made its way across Canada to Ottawa, to confront Prime Minister Trudeau over his COVID mandates.Trudeau wasn’t around to meet them. He took off, his staff telling reporters the Prime Minister ‘may’ have come in contact with someone who had COVID. That was soon changed to now has COVID. Mind you, here’s a politician who has about as much credibility as Joe Biden.

As former Alberta cabinet minister Stockwell Day put it in a tweet, “There is not a health agency in the World which tells a triple-jabbed person who also has a recent negative test to go into isolation. And Canadian media doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.” Memo to real journalists: interview Stockwell Day.

So. Plenty of real stories the mainstream media could follow up on.

Instead of being our window on the world, the mainstream media has become window dressing for the status quo. Mainstream media, what a massive disappointment it has been. That’s not the profession I got into.


Doctors Malone and McCullough have both been banned by the MSM and maligned in Wikipedia, of all places. However, the doctors now draw huge numbers on social media outlets such as the podcast run by US commentator Joe Rogan.

Then there’s Steve Kirsh, a California hi tech millionaire who not only challenges key people in the US medical establishment to a recorded, live debate — he offers them one million dollars to do so. That’s not a misprint: one million dollars. His opponents remain silent; guess they don’t need the money.

Could some health care bureaucrats be guarding a Big Secret also? Why are they so quiet when critical questions are asked? It sure looks like they’re hiding something.

Kirsh has a huge Internet following. His headline on a recent email reads: “Welcome to the new normal: 13-year-old dying from cardiac arrest.” The one thing all the dead kids have in common, Kirsh points out, is that they recently took a COVID vaccine. He questions why the suspect injections haven’t been pulled from the market since it appears they may be killing and injuring many young people. There’s no other plausible explanation for it.

Children and experimental injections … hmmm, does that ring a bell??

A recent release by Kirsh goes like this: “New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse.” “I missed this study,” Kirsh writes, “so did the mainstream media, for some reason. This study is yet another independent analysis that is difficult to refute: We have been misled by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], FDA [Food & Drug Administration], and NIH [National Institute of Heath].”

What’s stopping the mainstream media from talking to Kirsh? Is what he has to say not important? Or, what exactly is incorrect about his data? And so what if Steve Kirsh isn’t a scientist or a doctor? Neither is Bill Gates. You have no problem giving Gates air time.

The mainstream media may not agree with what Krish, Zelenko, Malone, Rogan, McCullough, Hodkinson, Modry, etc. have to say, but that’s not the point. Journalists are supposed to present both sides — unless, of course, they’re getting government assistance to stay afloat … or their CEO is on the Board of Directors at Pfizer.

♦  The ‘legacy’ media could do a piece on how pharmaceutical companies are immune from prosecution. Now, there’s a huge story! If the vaccines are ‘safe and effective,’ why would pharmaceutical firms need immunity? What happens to them when their products maim or put someone in a grave? Nothing!

♦  The mainstream media could interview those who feel laws that give drug companies immunity should be scrapped. If their products are pulled, people will then seek alternative and perhaps SAFER alternatives. They might even switch to a healthier lifestyle.

What other industries get free passes like that? If you and I produced a product with design faults that led to injuries and deaths, would we not face lawsuits and criminal charges? Damn right we would.

When it comes to misinformation, the mainstream media is not part of the solution, it’s part of the problem.

What to do if you find out your media outlet is quietly accepting a government bailout, and not being upfront about it? Simple. Don’t watch ’em, don’t read ’em. Dump ’em. They have little credibility.


The point of these memes is that a segment of the world’s population has not bought into COVID and the vaccine/injection narratives and mandates.

A shout-out and a tip of the hat to the creative, courageous souls who produced these memes.


Be cautious of news that is not fact-based, whether it’s on mainstream media or social media. And as always, be your own editor. Be a critical thinker. Think for yourself.

Sleaze rarely survives in a vacuum. Underhanded behaviour is always interconnected, like patchwork on a quilt. While sleaze is always a powerful descriptor, a more socially acceptable, gentle term would be ‘conflict of interest.’

Did you know that Jim Smith, CEO of the Thomson Reuters Corporation [a 40 billion dollar news organization] was — at the same time — on the Board of Directors at Pfizer, one of the pharmaceutical companies making COVID-19 vaccine. Jim Smith. Even the name sounds fake. That’s like playing an NFL game and having your brother as the head referee. It doesn’t work.

It gets worse for Reuters. The once reputable news organization has an interesting sideline business: It will ‘fact-check’ [read: censor and slant] information to help minimize damage to corporations and ‘important’ people. It doesn’t seem to fact-check much information from the Center for Disease Control and pharmaceutical companies.

It makes one wonder how many of these ‘fact-checked’ in the ‘legacy’ media are nothing more than spin pieces … and pure bullshit. To return to the horrors of Auschwitz for a moment, how many of our news stories today have been ‘Goebbelized?’

The Defender, a ‘Children’s Health Defence’ website, reveals that Reuters publishes its fact-checking commentary online in a format designed to resemble news stories, which show up in online searches.

When challenged in court, a fact-checker with Facebook admitted they were not guided by facts, but instead by their own opinion. Now there’s a shocker. Yet again we see someone who is just “following orders.”

Then there’s the infamous hidden camera capture of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg warning his staff to be careful with the COVID injections. Perhaps his workers should also be exempt from the mandates, just like members of the US Congress are exempt from the jab.

Be super cautious of mainstream media outlets that rely on hush-hush government handouts to stay in business. I can’t stress this enough. Being on the take does zip for credibility.

Journalist and satirist Upton Sinclair said it best …


Or will it? I don’t know the answer, and I suspect neither does anyone.

I hope for the best for all those who’ve taken the vaccines — and for those who haven’t. And I pray this doesn’t turn into a race of which group dies first.

Most of the people I know have taken the injections, some a booster as well. And nearly all are alive. Two or three years from now — perhaps sooner — we should know if the greatest medical experiment the world has ever known is a success or a deadly failure with millions and perhaps billions of fatalities. Fingers crossed funeral directors are not swamped.

And are all these mysterious, post-vaccine injuries and deaths just a coincidence? Trouble is, these coincidences keep coming, along with censorship and the loss of free speech.

These are truly historic times.

Only time will tell if Mr. Gates gets his wish … and if he was on the right side of history.


I’ve been jabbed more times than Jeffrey Epstien’s girlfriends. I still have my official Health and Welfare Canada and WHO passports with proof of various vaccinations starting from the late 1960s when I first travelled overseas.

Mind you, none of the shots I took were experimental. Extensive tests were done on lab rats and [real] guinea pigs.

Before COVID, the only people I was aware of who freely took experimental injections — with total ‘informed consent’ — were FEDERAL PRISONERS. They took the jab to get browny points from the Parole Board, so they could get out sooner.

It was a prisoner who revealed this nugget during an interview I had with him at the Edmonton Institution in the 1980s. “What happened to your face?” I asked. The fellow had a grotesque deformity on the right side of his face. I thought perhaps he’d been injured in a fire. But no …

The con explained his disfiguration was the result of a medical experiment. He also revealed he was well aware that he was part of an experiment, and that there was no coercion or threats — only an understanding he’d be released sooner if he went along with it. And so out came the needle.

A senior correctional officer confirmed that experimental drugs were administered to federal inmates. He pointed out that prisoners were always informed of the risks.

Photo/Meme credits: the Author, Auschwitz State Museum, Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch and Wikipedia.


That’s the big question, isn’t it? The standard response is, “time will tell.” Indeed it will.

No one has an answer — yet — because we’re still early in the game. Let’s wait two or three years and we’ll know more.

What we do have today, however, are plenty of red flags. If life as we know it goes to hell, no one can say they didn’t see it coming.Is the Nazi playbook being used … again?


A 5-part documentary series examining the correlation between Nazi Germany’s tactics and what we’re seeing today airs on CHD.TV on January 30, 2023. It’s called “Never Again Is Now Global

The doc is directed by Vera Sharif, a Holocaust survivor and human rights activist.

Children’s Health Defense has this write-up on the series …

“The film features personal stories from fellow survivors and their descendants detailing the atrocities of a past that was promised 75 years ago never to occur again while drawing parallels to the COVID policies we’re seeing today. Outraged voices from historians, educators, doctors, rabbis, activists and scientists around the world, including Pfizer’s former vice president and chief scientist, are also featured in the series.

“Sharav’s documentary dives deep into the forbidden subject of the early repressive stages under the Nazi regime that culminated in the Holocaust. The Nazi interventions — the suspension of freedoms, imposition of lockdowns, coerced medical procedures, and identity passports — are eerily similar to modern-day dictatorial constraints on citizens worldwide.

Never Again Is Now Global boldly exposes the financial interests and the corporations that drove the Holocaust. Survivors explain how modern-day companies, including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, IBM, and conglomerates like IG Farben, secretly profiteered from the slave labor camps and industrial genocide.

“The 32 participants in the series tell their stories, share their opinions and sound the alarm with an urgent message: today’s false narrative, suspension of freedoms, medical dictates and violations of human rights are reminiscent of the Nazi playbook. But, this time, the repressive measures are not limited to Jews. Today’s false narrative targets the entire global population.

“Sharav shares the significance of this project:

“The Holocaust was facilitated by mass obedience to authority. Our survival rests on our willingness to resist oppressive orders. Those who resisted – by falsifying their identity, by jumping off the trains to Auschwitz and joining the partisans, had a higher survival rate than those who obeyed.”



13 thoughts on “The Bells Are Ringing [‘Never Again’]

  1. Definitely an eye opener and quite the read.

    Byron, why must you make my brain so tired all the time..lol. No Bud it was a good read.


  2. I’m beyond words with this post . . . we’ve often heard the expression “Never Again” from the days of Germany’s Holocaust — and here we are again, in our days of COVID-19: masks, social distancing, lockdowns, vaccines, booster shots, etc. Very similar comparisons!

    I agree, people will just have to do some serious researching — and definitely not listen to the government on these health issues.

    People are responsible for their own health, not the government . . .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You say at the beginning “Buckle Up’, Wow! So thought provoking.

    Here in Australia, I have detested the isolated lockdowns, masks, border closures, separation from family and friends, etc. And now the vaccines!

    Have we not learnt anything from the wars, the Holocaust? Isn’t history supposed to be a ‘teaching tool’ for future generations?

    Thank you. It was well worth the read.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am flabbergasted at the weak responses to this article.

    This is the most evil, despicable, malevolent crisis in modern history. When are we going to stop “voluntarily getting on the trains and voluntarily walking into the gas chambers?” Are we not being the Jews all over again?

    This is going on three years of lies and so many things that make no sense, and still people are lining up for tests and jabs. When will we who do know the truth, (and by now there has to be millions, if not we’re screwed), stop complying and perpetuating this nightmare?

    A fantastic piece of journalism documenting the real story of what is really happening in the world today, and great comparison to the worst time in Germany’s history.

    Awake and rise up!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. For a journalist with so many fine credentials and awards, it amazes me that you couldn’t find any truth about Auschwitz to post…you just swallowed the “party line” on THE biggest hoax until the covid coup came along…


    • I wish to apologize for my blanket statement above; and to clarify the specific points I had intended to address, which are these:

      Quote: “Oswiecim is home to the worst of the Nazi death camps where millions of women, men and children — mostly Jews — were murdered during World War Two.

      Oswiecim is better known by its German name: AUSCHWITZ.” Unquote.

      (“Nazi death camps” and “millions” were bolded in the original).

      Do you realize that this claim of “millions…mostly Jews” has been proven false many times over, to the severe, unmerciful persecution, incarceration and even murder of those who have proven it to be false? Are you aware that the Nazi camps were work camps, not “death camps”?

      Quote: “Sigmund could not stop going on about Auschwitz. It was as though he was possessed, and I guess he was.” Unquote.

      I guess you could say that “Sigmund was possessed”, because there are people who have been so propagandized after the war as to possess false memories. These people are instrumental in keeping the monumental “holocaust” hoax alive… Are you aware that there are authentic eye-witness accounts of former Auschwitz prisoners who testified they had not seen any “gas chambers” in Auschwitz? Not to mention the many expert witness testimonies obtained in court trials stating the same thing.

      I personally knew a man (my friend’s grandfather) who had fought in WW2, been captured, and detained for a number of years in one of these alleged German “death camps”. One story he told us was how he had taught himself to knit to pass the time. He never mentioned anything about “gas chambers” or “mass extermination” of “jews” or anybody else, even though he did talk of the privation and hardships of prison camp life. He could not speak of the brutality he saw in combat BEFORE being captured…

      And now to quote a statement from a comment by “Karen”: Quote: “ I agree, people will just have to do some serious researching — and definitely not listen to the government on these health issues.” Unquote.

      I fully agree with her assessment! However, when it comes to the so-called “jewish holocaust”, people are doing the exact opposite: they simply swallow the “official” government narrative without ever doing any serious research on the topic! The “official” “holocaust” story has been proven just as much a hoax as we know the official “covid” narrative to be.

      I hope such a distinguished journalist will do some “serious researching” into this portion of WW2 history for himself to become aware of the true facts.

      Thank you.


    • PS. Case in point: Mr Christopher has the perfect meme to prove my point. It reads:

      “Truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged.”

      Ask yourself,

      WHY is the alleged “holocaust” NOT ALLOWED to be questioned?


  6. As usual, a poignant and deep article that draws a thought provoking analogy between the historical evil perpetrated upon humanity by the Nazi Germans and their allies in hate and death by targeting specifically a vulnerable Jewish people for death and extinction.

    For Wildflower’s comments above, it seems their sources are those deniers that keep putting out the false narratives that suit their anti-Semitic dispositions that Auschwitz was nothing more than a vacation camp for the disenfranchised flotsam of humanity that good honest work [arbeit mach frei] could certainly cure. I guess all those corpses laying around that the Nazis couldn’t incinerate were nothing more than propaganda props.

    It seems Wildflower hasn’t taken the time to really do any honest investigating and research about the very well documented truth of one of humanity’s most evil crimes.

    Between Hitler and Stalin who were once allies, over 25 million humans died as a result of their demonic ambitions… 6 million plus of their victims were Jews.

    As your story so aptly shows, history could just be repeating itself with a cast of actors suited to the task.


  7. To get updates on the real truth I read this stuff.
    The TV stations always dig up some expert out the woodwork, for comment and all they can do is to recommend vaccination (now for the fourth time). So I change stations. How can they be experts on a new virus ? My guess is as good as theirs!


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