Devil’s Peak, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

‘Mountains to Climb,’ of course, is simply a metaphor — another way of saying that life can be an uphill battle at times.

Let’s face it. We all have mountains to climb. Life is seldom a walk in the park or a pleasant trek in the sun.

But it’s not all negative … what is life but a wild roller coaster ride of highs and lows, victories and setbacks, etc, etc?

This post is about MARGARET MULLER of South Australia who sought out her Good Friend Upstairs when her life was suddenly turned upside down. The retired seamstress had become a silent victim of domestic abuse and for a while, she didn’t know what to do.

I believe that domestic abuse is far more common than people realize. I say this after being a crime reporter for several decades.

Even after her attacker died from cancer, Margaret remained injured — mentally, anyway. There seemed to be no end to her anguish. But all that changed when a friend suggested she write POETRY, of all things, to help purge her pain.

So Margaret did just that. Turns out, her writing was surprisingly good. With the support of friends and family — and her faith — Margaret was able to scale mountain peaks, find peace and give her life more meaning. The sun finally broke through the clouds and she was smiling again.

Along the way, Margaret became aware of more than her Saviour. She developed a deeper interest in her family and friends — plus some very basic things such as animals, birds, insects and those wonderful ocean waves that crashed on a beach near her Adelaide home.

Many of Margaret’s poems were ‘drafted’ during barefoot walks on Semaphore Beach … check it out:

        [Image courtesy of Dreamstime]

Margaret, a grandmother, has now published a paperback with more than 100 of her poems. The book, released on Amazon on October 17, 2022, is an insight into her journey on this often crazy planet of ours.

Margaret Muller’s prose is straight-up, a style that can best be described as ‘telling it like it is.’ Australians will relate.

Her poems are like deep secrets people would share with trusted friends. Consider yourself one when you read her poems …


I first met Margaret Muller in April 2018 when I travelled Down Under to visit some dear friends I shared accommodation with back in 1970/71. We’re talking more than half a century here.

That’s when I worked at Radio 5AU in Port Augusta, South Australia. 5AU was the “Voice of the Spencer Gulf.”

Hey, check out those sideburns, the tie and the large cart machines. Like who wears a tie in a studio?

‘Chris Byron’ at Radio 5AU – 1970

Kingsley and Joan Bennett were wonderful people — fair dinkum Aussies! They’re both in Heaven now, and I miss them.

The years morphed into decades — as they always do — and for a while, I lost all contact with Kingsley and Joan. We finally reconnected and I was surprised [and quietly pleased, gotta admit] to discover the couple had not only attended Bible School in Mt. Gambier, South Australia — but had founded a church as well. Imagine that.


And so this is how I met Margaret Muller, whose wonderful voice brought life to church choirs in Adelaide. Margaret didn’t preach religion. Not a word. She lived it. She saw God’s work everywhere … and through her poetry, she wrote about Jesus and how He helped her survive.

Her well-chosen words struck home. I was never a big fan of poetry but all that changed after I read Margaret’s work. And I was not alone, apparently. Her close friends also encouraged her to write. Newsletters gladly posted her poems.

If there’s anything that stands out in my career as a journalist is that people are quick to recognize greatness in others, but slow to see greatness in themselves.

Back to 2018. Margaret and I put on a lot of miles touring South Australia in my rental. She’d sometimes sing along to 1950 and 60s music coming over the speakers. I detected a powerful energy in her voice that signalled she had beaten some demons. Of course, that was none of my business but it did cross my mind.

Turns out, it was much more than that. Margaret also discovered more of life. Then, Margaret discovered computers … and the rest is history.

When I went through her poems I made a little discovery of my own: Ms. Muller had stepped into a lion’s den swinging and came out more alive than ever. And with her poetry, she did her bit to right some wrongs and make this crazy planet not so crazy.

As with all images in this post, click to enlarge …


            ‘My Rock’

The restless green sea, all around me

I’m on the rock, what can harm me?

Life is as restless, as the waves at my feet

and I never know what awaits me.


But Jesus, my rock, is steadfast and true

He will carry me over and see me through.

Though the tide may change and threaten to drown,

I know my God holds me

when waves crash around.

I will not fear, for He is sovereign.

He is my Father, and I’m his child.



The sea caresses the shore

like a lover’s gentle kiss.

Silken breezes waft

gently through the trees,

their perfume placidly

delighting the senses.

Hushed and untroubled

the trees are whispering

to each other,

keeping their secrets.


  ‘Nature’s Cathedral’

A Cathedral of gum trees,

their branches reaching over

to touch each other in an archway

forming a Spiritual canopy of beauty

exulting our God.


His unequalled handiwork of

leaves that shine in the sunlight

making a ceiling of colour 

in yellows and gold,

a stain glass window of nature.


Leaves that have fallen

form a lace-like pattern on the road,

a carpet of sacrificial glory

as the trees are renewed

and God’s sovereignty is proclaimed for all to see.


  ‘Lucia Annie-Rose’

Ten tiny fingers,

ten tiny toes.

A rosebud mouth

and the cutest nose.


Little flat ears,

and soft brown hair.

Skin like velvet,

who could compare?


Eyes so dark blue,

that gaze up at me,

I’m sure that’s a smile,

it has to be!


Her parents were so proud,

and filled with amazement.

hearts overflowing,

with love and enchantment.


When God sends a blessing,

as wondrous as this,

it brings glory to Himself,

for she is exquisite.


She is Lucia Annie-Rose

And I’m her Nanna!



Mountains to Climb is a paperback available on Amazon in the following countries: Australia, Canada, United States, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Sweden.

When you land on an Amazon site, Google: ‘Mountains to Climb Margaret Muller’ … her book should pop up on your screen. The price: $10.99 Australian, less than half the cost of a good bottle of Aussie wine.


In October 2022, Margaret Muller’s dream came true when she met legendary Canadian medical missionary Doctor Helen Huston at Huston’s seniors’ lodge in South Edmonton. The two hit it off. Can’t say I was surprised.

Thank you Margaret for thinking of others. I now realize this is what your book of poems is all about … reaching out, touching others and making this world a better place.



8 thoughts on “Mountains to Climb

  1. Wow, thank you for this testimony .. so well framed in God’s goodness and the glimpse of Dr. Helen’s continued presence with us,


    Walton [Saskatchewan]


  2. Awesome story! … and so happy to hear she was a survivor and finally could live a peaceful life.

    My mother too was a victim of family violence. My dad was a kind and giving person but give him some hard liquor and he became a Jekyll and Hyde.


  3. How blessed am I that Margaret is a large part of my life.

    She is an inspirational, courageous survivor of many despairing life experiences. Her ability to express these in poetry is outstanding.


  4. Love this lady and am so proud to call her a friend. Beautiful writing — both the poetry and the article from Byron Christopher.


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