Here’s a collection of dozens of thought-provoking memes that counter the ‘official’ narrative on the experimental COVID injections [‘vaccines’] … plus some pokes at the mainstream media for its biased coverage of this bloody mess.

Despite rights ‘guaranteed’ by constitutions, people worldwide have been coerced and forced to “take the jab.” They had little say in the matter — well, not if they wanted to keep their jobs. And rarely was there informed consent.

This post is dedicated to those who got the experimental injections … and because they didn’t buy into the narrative, especially those who lost their livelihood and/or their lives. There are millions of victims, and the number increases daily. If this isn’t genocide, I don’t know what the hell is.

Special thanks to the Easton Spectator for use of its slogan, “Connecting the Dots” and to the creative folk who created these memes … plus those who distributed them: Doctor Mark Trozzi, Doctor Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, the Easton Spectator, etc, etc.

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The Book

‘Connect the Dots’ is a paperback available on Amazon. It contains more than 100 memes, many more than this blog piece.

The book is published in 15 Amazon locations around the world, including Canada. However, Canadians who buy the book are restricted as to how many copies they can buy. Here’s the notice I received from Amazon after trying to order additional copies {I had ordered three]. A friend ran into the same problem.:

Note that books published by Amazon are on a computer, ready for printing when the orders are paid for. What we’re seeing here has more to do with soft censorship than it does with supply.

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2 thoughts on “Connect the Dots …

  1. Thanks Byron… I’ll pass the memes along 😊

    We fought the bs and never signed up for any of those crap shots.

    This includes myself and my wife, son and his wife (and her parents and sisters and their kids), our daughter and her husband and baby … brother-in-law, his wife and 4 kids, sister-in-law, husband and daughter.

    Wife’s one brother in Ottawa, his wife and three daughters were suckered into the bs. In fact, one daughter was a disseminator for the government, handing out shots up North.

    I don’t talk to these people since they insulted our daughter and blocked her for saying the vax [injection] was wrong under a forced mandate.


    • Good for you…well done. I am the sole one (along with my two adult kids) in my extended family, who mostly live in Canada (one sister and her kids live in Commiefornia) that rejected the kill shots….it was not easy, but we know it was the right thing to do. I do not talk much to my family either.


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