A few years ago relatively few knew of Steve Kirsch, the computer tech millionaire in California. Today the man is known worldwide as someone who challenges the official narrative on COVID and the COVID ‘vaccines.’

Thanks to Kirsch’s savvy [and a fat wallet], he has been calling out those who support the official COVID narrative, leaving in his wake compliant doctors, a smoke-and-mirrors mainstream media, corrupt politicians, disgraced Big Pharma, ‘fact-checkers,’ shady spy agencies … and mad scientists who toil in germ warfare labs.

You may also want to add those whose belief systems override their common sense.

For that very reason, Kirsch has been censored and vilified — but not because he doesn’t have the facts. Just the opposite. That’s not to say Kirsch knows all the answers. No one does … but at least he’s looking, overturning rocks … and making discoveries. Call him a citizen journalist, a freelancer … muckraker, whatever. He’s sure getting a lot of attention.

For a computer whiz kid, Kirsch is gutsy. He puts a face to corporate sleaze, and few have the courage to do that. Most wait for others to stand up. Put another way, Kirsch is a driver, not a passenger.

Kirsch’s weapon: FACTS. The information in his substack is often straight from official government sources … mixed with observations from everyday people like you and me. He’s a magnet for data and opinions — like a real newsroom should be.

We don’t hear newsrooms interviewing people who believe the Center for Disease Control [CDC] is not about controlling diseases; it’s about controlling people. These voices are censored.

Steve Kirsch is tenacious, not unlike a dog with a bone — and for that reason alone he has more than one million followers.

One could never label Steve Kirsch an ‘anti-vaxer.’ [Now there’s a loaded term if ever there was one … not unlike ‘conspiracy theorist.’]

At one point, Kirsch trusted the system and believed in the ‘science.’ He got two COVID jabs and has donated millions of dollars to the Democrats. He supported the official narrative on COVID and Big Pharma’s vaccines. That is no longer the case.

So, what changed?

Evidence. The facts hit Kirsch hard and forever changed how he saw the world and the organizations that run it. He has created more awareness about the COVID vaccines than the major news networks put together. Read that again. Yet, the man has been labelled a ‘misinformation spreader.’ I don’t buy that, not one bit. Actually, Kirsch sounds like someone I wouldn’t mind as a neighbour.

There’s an expression that if you can’t question the ‘science,’ you’re likely dealing with propaganda. Could it be that the COVID injections are the new “board these cattle cars, you’re being relocated”? That’s a tough question, but it’s gotta be asked.

Kirsch is NOT an anti-vaxxer. He is opposed, however, to innocent people being injected with experimental [some say deadly] drugs — or given injections against their will or without informed consent. Like I say, wouldn’t mind having him as a neighbour.

Simply put, he doesn’t believe that human beings should be guinea pigs. The man is not alone. Those who drafted the Nuremberg [Medical] Code felt precisely the same way. So did the people who wrote the Canadian Constitution.

The Nuremberg Code and the Canadian Constitution are sacred documents, or they’re supposed to be. Anyone [including judges] who doesn’t see it that way is either stupid, brainwashed, drunk or bought off. Pick one.

I came across the substack of Kirsch after a close friend, a retired nurse, slipped into a coma within three hours of receiving her second Moderna COVID injection. Joyce died when she was pulled off life support. Even though she’d become a member of the ‘Died Suddenly Club,’ her injection-related death never made the news.

That made me want to surf the Net and learn about the so-called COVID vaccines. Whoa! What revelations! And I thought the Nazis were assholes.

Speaking of assholes … gotta love those fact-checkers! My Lord. My favourite is the Reuters scribe who failed to mention that his CEO had a second job … he was also on the board of directors at Pfizer. Hmmm. This ‘journalist’ may not have a sense of ethics, but he sure has a sense of direction.

And we wonder why so many once-respected news organizations are now on welfare, about to be giggled out of existence. 

I now know several people who died not long after taking the experimental injections. These include David Milgaard, known in Canada for having spent 22 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. ‘Pneumonia’ said the doctor at the hospital where Milgaard was pronounced dead. Really? That’s strange because neither Milgaard nor anyone in his family and circle of friends knew he had pneumonia! Let that sink in.

David’s widow had pleaded with him not to take the booster … but “he wanted to travel.” Milgaard travelled all right — straight to Heaven. I was a pallbearer at his funeral.

David Milgaard. Safe and effective, eh?


Back to Steve Kirsch. What got me was that he is willing to put his money where his mouth is, a rarity nowadays. He has offered people one million dollars to take him on in a recorded debate. These included officials with our renowned health guardians, such as the Center for Disease Control [CDC} and the Federal Drug Administration [FDA], both in the US.


If that’s not a huge red flag, I don’t know what is. If these folk were on the right side of history, they’d be more than willing to put the facts out there. The silence indicates they don’t want the embarrassment of being taken to the cleaners. It also means they’re doing a far better job of protecting Big Pharma than Joe and Jane Citizen.

Here’s one of Kirsch’s many posts …


A radio show host in New Zealand recently accepted Kirsch’s debate offer. But the journalist quickly pulled his head in. Sorry. No debate. He knew he’d lose.

Back to reporters again. They’ve become “useful idiots” … and if they haven’t worked that out by now, they will when they’re dumped. Useful idiots are always used and discarded.

I love this descriptor from Australian Caitlin Johnstone: “Cloistered incestuous circle jerk.”  Well, doesn’t that hit the nail on the head?

Kirsch recently offered to debate an American virologist working at the University of Saskatchewan [Saskatoon, Canada]. Doctor Angela Rasmussen had categorized Kirsch as a “misinformation spreader.” Kirsch’s response was well, let’s look at the facts. Let’s debate.


Rasmussen’s Twitter account cites, “Disinformation and lies about Doctor Fauci affect our entire profession.” No kidding, Doc. It’s obvious Rasmussen hasn’t read Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, a best-seller called The Real Anthony Fauci. I have the book — and I’m wondering why Fauci hasn’t been charged. My Lord. If only half the information in the book is correct, he should have been charged. Could it be the system is simply corrupt? Perhaps people should stop bad-mouthing the Mafia. They don’t look so bad.

The system is more corrupt than I ever imagined, and I say that after working as a mainstream journalist for nearly four decades, winning two national reporting awards.


I suspect Steve Kirsch is making his own discoveries about COVID and the COVID “vaccinations,” and perhaps we ALL are. Sometimes the world is not what we think it is. 

Kirsch has become the man who walks into a dark kitchen, turns on the lights, and the cockroaches scatter.

Thank God he’s not alone. There are renowned doctors and scientists worldwide flicking on lights as well, and many have been penalized for having a different point of view than the “authorities.” So much for free speech.

A hat tip here to independent news organizations — those not propped up by governments — who run their blogs and podcasts because they give a rat’s ass about where the world is headed. This article is about Steve Kirsch, but know that many are with him.

In Canada, we have Rebel News, the Easton Spectator, Doctor Mark Trozzi, Western Standard and Veterans4Freedom. They’re all putting out information that the mainstream media keeps missing somehow.

The main concern of the ‘legacy’ media is no longer to inform the public; it’s to protect the Establishment … not to mention reporters’ pensions, car payments and mortgages. It seems that many journalists today have gone far beyond naively accepting military and entertainment junkets as legitimate reporting assignments. They’ve sold out big time. Had the mainstream media been doing its job — instead of a laughable smoke and mirrors charade — we wouldn’t be in this mess.

I should mention too that in the US, there’s PEERS, The Epoch Times, The Second Smartest Man in the World, Children’s Health Defence, Project Veritas, Scientist/Doctor Robert Malone, Joe Rogan … and in Australia, Caitlin Johnstone. They kick serious ass.

Check ’em out. And stop watching mainstream TV channels. Do your brain a favour.

Oh. One final thing. I live in Alberta, Canada where the leading cause of death is now ‘unknown.’ Translation: experimental injections.



Steve Kirsch has gifted humanity with some critical information — and a whole different point of view on this COVID fiasco. If there’s anything to a claim humanity is facing a massive genocide [“depopulation”], Kirsch has become a front-line soldier in the most significant battle the world has ever known.

Exciting times, for sure. And we’re all involved.

Is there a sinister plan to cut the world’s population in half with a bioweapon — a slow-kill vaccine? Sounds extreme, but so would have been the early whispers of the Nazi’s murdering people in gas chambers. Time will tell whether we’re seeing the same movie. We should know in a few short years.

One thing I can tell you right off the hop is that Steve Kirsch has shown what can happen when one person fights with a firm conviction. He is what humanity should be about. He gives a rat’s ass about others, even at great risk to himself and his reputation. It’s a lesson for us all.

Kirsch has not only stepped up to the plate, but he also landed one in the upper deck. 

All decent people should be giving this man a huge thumbs up.






10 thoughts on “The Man Who Took On the World

  1. I’m so happy to see that’s there more and more ‘truthful news out there nowadays!

    I have been reading Epoch News for some time now; I have noted items that you have posted as well. It’s been years since I’ve listened to any of the biased mainstream news on cable TV — even the radio — other than the weather and local news!


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  3. Thank you for that Byron.. That’s a very well-written, readable and fair appraisal of Steve Kirsch, whom I happen to subscribe to. Great to see a real journalist at work.


  4. Now that Steve Kirsch tweeted this article, there will be many comments like mine. I am in the good old USA. Here, California is trying to be like Canada with totalitarian covid restrictions on the free speech of doctors. The state has to protect the people from doctors giving their opinions!


  5. Whoa!! Thank you for trusting and believing in Steve Kirsch. He is the most honorable man I have known in 78 yrs of my life.

    He sacrifices his good name, social status, his career — for something he truly believes. He is sacrificing all for fellow mankind! For humanity! For truth! For us to decide with all true information available.

    He never asks anyone not to take the vaccine — but to do it with well-informed and true facts!

    Steve should be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace!!!


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